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IOI Provides Community Programs and Services to People with barriers to employment

IOI provides actual work for people with disabilities to learn pre-vocational and work skills. Referrals for services are through North Carolina Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (NCDVR) and Vaya Health, MCO.

* Admissions criteria includes being at least 16 or 18 years old, a resident of Cherokee, Clay or Graham counties, vocationally disabled by physical, emotional or mental limitations and able to benefit from the programs.

Program hours are 8:30 to 3:30, Monday - Friday with the exception of job coaching services would be determined by the community employer.

IOI offers the following programs to enhance a person’s ability to become competitively employed or to develop independent living skills:

Long Term Community Supports (LTCS)

IOI provides Adult Developmental Vocational ProgramsThis is a program for people who are 18 years old with developmental disabilities who need long-term support in work skills, socialization skills, independent living skills, etc. Individuals in this program can move into one of IOI's vocational programs if they wish to become employed in the community. IOI is licensed by NC Division of Health Service Regulation to provide ADVP services. Medicaid funding covers the cost of this program.

Vocational Evaluation

This is a program for a short assessment of an individual's vocational skills. After completing this program, an individual can be referred to any of the other programs, as appropriate to their needs. The cost of this program is covered through North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (NCDVR).

Work Adjustment

IOI provides Work Adjustment ProgramsThis program is based on a work-training environment where individuals can work to overcome their barriers to employment. Individuals completing this program may be referred for job placement and job coaching services to find an appropriate job. The cost of this program is covered through NCDVR.

Work Adjustment Job Coach Services

This program helps an individual prepare for looking for job placement, provides community job development and job training for up to 21 days. Follow-up is provided for 90 days after the coaching is completed. The cost of this program is covered through NCDVR.

Supported Employment

This program can provide intense vocational assessment, job development, job placement and coaching services beyond what our Work Adjustment Job Coaching program is able to provide. The cost of this program is covered by NCDVR.

Supported Employment Long Term Follow Along Support (LTFS)

LTFS is designed to provide necessary job and other work-related supports that are necessary to provide each individual with employment stability and career advancement. Supports are provided to the individual, employer and others that are involved with the individual to enable them to maintain their independence in community employment. Follow-up is provided two times each month with the individual and the employer for as long as the individual desires this service. The cost is covered under state Medicaid funding.

PETS Program (Pre-Employment Transition Services)

This program is for students ages 14 -19 in grades 9 - 12. This program serves six schools in the three counties IOI serves. Weekly classes cover soft skills required in employment along with real work trials and tours of local employment possibilities. The cost of this program is covered by a NCDVR grant.

Innovations Wavier Program

IOI provides Community Alternatives Programs (CAP)This program provides opportunities to improve self-help, socialization, and prevocational skills in a setting outside of their home. IOI is licensed under the NC Division of Medical Assistance to provide Day Supports - individual and group. The cost of this program is covered by Medicaid.


2017-2018 Outcomes Measurement Overall Program Review


Total Number Served: 178

  • Long Term Community Supports – 20
  • Supported Employment Program – 6
  • Vocational Evaluation – 18
  • Work Adjustment – 12
  • Innovations Waiver - 46
  • Pre-employment Transition Services - 76 

Job Placements in Competitive Employment

  • Work Adjustment – 6 placements
  • Supported Employment – 1 placements

Program Goal achievement

  • All programs achieved an average of 104% effectiveness in the results of their services.
  • All programs achieved an average of 73% efficiency in the timeliness of their services.


  • Individual's satisfaction with services – 108%.

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